Year: 2021

How to Install an SSL Certificate in SiteWorx Account?

Installing an SSL certificate on a SiteWorx account is easy, and it creates an encrypted link between the server connection and your website(HTTPS). In this guide, you will see the step-by-step guide on installing an SSL certificate in the SiteWorx account. 1. Login into SiteWorx Account The first step is that if you are inside […]

Sholezard Recipe

Sholezard(in Persian شله‌ زرد‎) is a traditional Iranian sweet and delicious rice pudding dessert. It is originated from a city in Iran called Kermanshah. Sholezard means “yellow congee,” and it is a must-try if you like puddings. In Iran, people cook and serve sholezard on a specific date, which is Ramazan. Read to learn how […]

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