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How can I earn money online using fiverr

earn money online using fiverr

What is fiverr and how can I earn money using it?

fiverr is a platform in which freelancers can earn money online by creating gigs and selling them to customers. It seems simple, but the truth is that it is complicated. Nowadays, there are millions of freelancers out there. It requires you to invest lots of time and creativity to get your first order and keep receiving many orders. We will guide you step by step to start a fiverr account and start earning your first dollars.

How to sign up to sell on fiverr?

Here is step by step guide on how to sign up on fiverr:
1. Click here to sign up on fiverr.
2. Click on Join.
3. Use Google, Apple, or Facebook to sign up, or sign up using an email.
4. Choose a username and a password
5. Now click here to start selling with fiverr

Now what?

You may be thinking that you have signed up for fiverr, but what can you sell on it? You can sell any service on fiverr. However, we will give you some ideas to help you earn your first dollars. The hardest part of earning money on fiverr is creating your first gig. While creating your first gig, don’t think that everything should be perfect. Most people quit the idea to earn money online from fiverr when they start to create their first gig. You don’t need to overthink it. Just create it. You can always delete or modify the gig that you have made.

How to create the perfect gig on fiverr?

Again, there is no such thing as the perfect gig. You will get more experience while you work on fiverr. However, to create a gig, you need image/images. You can always find one on the internet, or you can create one. Make sure not to use other people’s gig images. This action may get your account banned. If you want to find a professional-looking image for your gig and don’t know how to create one, you can buy one off fiverr for cheap prices. It is not always the time that you should invest; sometimes, you have to invest some little money to get you going.

I'm ready to earn some money online using fiverr, but I have no gig ideas

Don’t worry, if you need some gig ideas, here are some:

  • Translation: If you know more than two languages, you can create a gig for translation from one language to another.
  • Buy and Sell: You can offer to buy certain products that are not available in other countries. Then send the product to them. You can also let them tell you what to buy. For example, someone needs to buy a non-digital gift card for a specific shop, to ship friends and family. You can do it for them.
  • Resell Digital Goods: You can always sell some digital goods that you own. But always make sure you are allowed to resell the product that you have. There are lots of digital goods online which allow you to resell them. For example, if you bought a WordPress theme with an extended license, you can resell it to make some money.
  • Recording a Video: There are people out there who need someone to record a video. For example, someone may be looking for a gig to try and review their product(can be online review) and record a video.
  • Convert Media: There are many people out there who need their media format to be converted to another format. Also, if you do not know how to convert media, you can search google for online converters.

There is an infinite number of ideas out there. You have to think about what do people need and what are some creative ideas. There is always someone out there looking for the specific service that you offer.

Earn money online using fiverr

How to create the perfect gig?

There is no such thing as the perfect gig. As you keep using fiverr and earn money on their platform, you will get experienced more and more. But make sure to specify what you offer in your gig and put an image that explains your gig. You can always find pictures off the internet or create a new one. But never steal anyone’s photos. You can also order one from fiverr. Sometimes investing some pennies help you to earn much more.

Creating perfect gig to earn money online using fiverr

An essential step to earn money online using fiverr is to promote your gig

One of the most critical parts of earning money online using fiverr is to promote your fiverr gigs. If you sell your gigs to some people and get good reviews out of them, you can build trust between you and customers. In this way, you will attract more customers.

One great way to promote your gigs, is to tell about your gig to family and friends. There would be something that your family and friends would appreciate buying. Also, you can share your gig on social media. You can share it, but you can also ask people on social media to buy it. For example, if you know how to create and edit logos, you can message people and Facebook pages to buy your gig so that you can create a logo for them.

How can I earn money online using fiverr

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