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How to Get Backlinks?

How to Get Backlinks?

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are one of the most vital things for any site’s SEO. It is truly pathetic that most internet marketers seem dejected and sad as they do not get traffic to their websites. And without any visitors to your site, you cannot earn money. Getting a large amount of traffic is very important for making money with your website. There are two types of backlinks. One of them is do-follow, and the other one is no-follow backlinks. Both of them are important for a website’s SEO. There are many ways to get backlinks. On this page, I am going to tell you how to get backlinks.

Submit to article directories

One of the most straightforward and free techniques of building backlinks is submitting articles to article directories. You can submit articles you have written, or you can use an article that someone you have paid to do this for you if you are not a writer. You just have to post your article and submit your name and a link to your site. When some read your articles, they will view your link, and thus you will get the hits. Most of the backlinks generated by this method are do-follow backlinks.

Comment place on blogs

This is another technique. Most of your backlinks will come using this technique. This is not just great for link building but is also the best way to find new blogs, make friends, and get your site in front of the masses. Most blogs do not let you comment do-follow backlinks. But there are a few blogs and websites out there that let you post a do-follow backlink.

Forum signature and profile

This is a method that almost nobody talks about it. If you use any forums regularly, this is a simple way to get backlinks. Just link to your site in your forum signature, and whenever you make a post in the forum, there will be a link under it automatically. If you are active in related forums, you can get a lot of backlinks doing this. Also, most forums let you add a website link to your profile. This is a good opportunity to add a link to your website.

Website directories

You could also get easy one-way links by submitting your site to website directories. There are lots of site and blog directories that just make a list of different websites and link to them. Also, like forum profile website linking, there are many sites where you can join and set up an easy profile page where you can link to your site. Most of these directories have a high DA rank, which will also help you to boost your rank.

Social Media

Probably, most of your traffic will come from social media. Because people tend to browse social media more than searching for something. It would be best if you also took the benefits of social networking websites. Chances are best that you already have a Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn account. You could post a link to your site on these for a little extra boost. Unfortunately, the only problem with this method is that the backlinks you get are no-follow backlinks. But you can generate a lot of traffic and brand name using this method.

Guest posting

All these methods mentioned earlier are great and easy methods to generate backlinks to your website. But, quality backlinks come from guest posting. Guest posting takes a lot of time and effort. Because first, you have to find a website, then write a good article with a link to your website. Later, the owner of the page decides to post it or not. Some may even not let you post do-follow backlinks as well; if that is the case, you should avoid writing for those websites. In conclusion, this method is time-consuming and requires a lot of work. But if you find the right website to write a guest post and it gets posted on that website, it would be totally worth it.

In conclusion, getting website traffic using backlinks is not a difficult job. What you need to do is to follow those techniques. First of all, focus on providing unique content. It takes lots of time and patience to build a good backlink profile for your website. But trust me, putting time and effort into building backlinks is totally worth it. Anyway, keep linked with your blog 24/7, focus on related forums, and submit your blog’s RSS feed to the top.

How to Get Backlinks?

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