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Sholezard Recipe

Sholezard(in Persian شله‌ زرد‎) is a traditional Iranian sweet and delicious rice pudding dessert. It is originated from a city in Iran called Kermanshah. Sholezard means “yellow congee,” and it is a must-try if you like puddings. In Iran, people cook and serve sholezard on a specific date, which is Ramazan. Read to learn how […]

Top 4 JavaScript Frameworks

What are JavaScript frameworks? It is always easier to find shortcuts and jump right to a solution. However, we should value the importance of basics before diving deep. This is how good coders become successful developers by simply starting from basics. Without further ado, the basis of this article is to be aware of frameworks. […]

What to Feed Lorikeets?

Lorikeets and Lories are species of parrots, with over 40 types of them. Some of the types are Rainbow Lorikeet(primarily found in Indonesia and Australia), Coconut lorikeet(located in New Guinea and Singapore), Black Lory(found in Indonesia), etc. They are unique birds. It is said that they are the clowns of nature. They are really stubborn, […]

How to make money on Shutterstock

Shutterstock is a marketplace for buying and selling designs, photos, and videos. Shutterstock creates a great opportunity for content creators and customers looking for designs, photos, and videos to buy. If you are looking to make some money by taking photos and videos and creating great vector and illustration designs, Shutterstock is the place to start. Click here to sign up. […]

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